Artificial Turf


Baraca Concrete Pavers & Turf is a full-service landscape contractor specializing in artificial grass, pavers, landscaping, exterior design & construction. 

BENEFITS OF RESIDENTIAL ARTIFICIAL GRASS IN Laguna Hills California, There are several benefits with using artificial grass in your Orange County Home. Here are some of them:

Green beautiful consistently with a pristine look EVERYDAY! 

Synthetic grass requires no water or chemicals – It’s durable – Does not need replacing for up to 10-15 years.

Sadly natural grass fades with temperature and withers. Natural grass is highly susceptible to heat, rain, and other elements. Water, Water, Water is what natural grass needs. Today the reality is we live in a harsh drought-stricken environment, which requires constant and expensive care to maintain. Baraca Concrete, Pavers & Artificial turf, are low maintenance and maintain their stunning color and design year-round with much savings to you. 

How Much Does Turf Installation Cost in Orange County?


Artificial grass installation costs about $7.5 to $10.00 per square foot for most projects.

The price varies depending on the material that you select, accessibility, elevation, irrigation rewiring, and other misc items, such as bender boards.


Click “Get Price Quote” to find out the total amount with your dimensions and preferences. Or, request a detailed estimate and we will get back to you with a presentation showing precise numbers and describing your project in detail.


How Long Will Artificial Turf Last?


Artificial grasses generally have an expected lifespan of about 15 years. This definitely depends on the usage and cleaning of the turf. It also heavily depends on the type of turf. For example, grasses with shorter blades tend to last longer because they’re more durable when withstanding traffic.


Approximately 90% of our standard grass installations in Orange  County fall within the price range of $16 to $20 per square foot. Included in this price range: removal of old landscape (dead grass, dirt, etc.), installation of base layer and artificial grass, labor and materials. Factors that affect the price: difficulty of installation, project size and scope, and material selection. Want to know what your project will cost? (link get a quote) 

Take a look at our price breakdown



  1. Edging
  2. Stakes

  3. Weed Barrier
  4. Class II Recycled Base

  5. Decomposed Granite

  6. Grass Turf
    ****Prices and styles vary. Must account for waste when ordering. We use reputable manufacturers who stand behind their product and provide the best warranty. Costs range from $.99 per $3.50 square foot
  7. Galvanized Nails
  8. Organic Infill
  9. Dump Fees
  10. Fuel
  11. Deliveries
  12. Labor